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Τρίτη, 25 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Συνεργασία " γιγάντων" : Μαθήματα επικοινωνιακής εκμετάλευσης των εμπορικών συνεργασιών

Frog, the first pest control company to open in northern Cyprus, and Orkin, a leading United States pest controller have signed a regional distribution agreement, Frog announced Sunday.

According to the deal, Frog will be responsible for all of Orkin’s franchising agreements in Northern Cyprus, Turkey and the Balkans, in the first time a Northern Cypriot company has signed a distributors’ agreement with an American company, Frog said.

Orkin provides what it calls an “Integrated Pest Control” program it says is suitable for homes, schools, hotels, hospitals, depots and manufacturing facilities.
Source : Hurriyet Daily News

Following the agreement, Frog will set up 40 franchises around Turkey, employing nearly 1000 people.

Speaking at a three-day conference following the signing of the multi-million dollar agreement between the U.S. and northern Cyprus companies, U.S. Ambassador to Greek Cyprus Franc C. Urbancic stressed the embassy's goal in attracting new franchises to the island to create opportunities for businesses to expand regionally.

The ambassador praised the strength of U.S. brands and their growing presence in the region, stressing that the embassy had a role to play in the regional franchise conference in Limassol, Cyprus, in October, 2010 where over 50 U.S. brands were represented, with the program drawing participants from both the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities, as well as from the Middle East.

Because of Cyprus’ particular location, Urbancic said, it was an important center from which Orkin and others could expand in the eastern Mediterranean, Turkey and the Balkans. He hoped that within five years American products would increase sales throughout the world twofold, he said.

More business partnerships are expected between U.S. franchises and Cypriot entrepreneurs based on initial meetings at the conference. Such efforts support U.S. President Barack Obama's National Export Strategy and increase opportunities for U.S. businesses in Cyprus, he said.
Source : Hurriyet Daily News

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