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Σάββατο, 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

Turkey, Russia accelerate nuclear plant project

Turkish officials will meet their Russian counterparts later this month to push the button on the actual launch of a nuclear power plant project, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yıldız told reporters Friday.

Yıldız is set to meet Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin on Dec. 13 or 14 to discuss details of works required to set up a project company.

In May, Turkey and Russia signed a deal detailing the construction of Turkey's first nuclear power plant on the southern coast.

"The nuclear power plant project is moving toward becoming an actual process. Once the project company is established we will be engaged in licensing the land in Akkuyu, delivery of the construction site and developing solutions to possible problems on the site," Yıldız told reporters at an energy conference in Istanbul.

"I believe our cooperation with the Russian Federation on this nuclear power plant project will boost mutual trade," he said.

Turkey is also set to initiate talks with Japan regarding the construction of a possible second nuclear power plant on the northern coast of the country, after talks with South Korea failed.

Turkish officials are preparing to meet Japanese officials next week to discuss the project, Yıldız said. "I think energy talks with Japan would bring an expansion in relations, especially in transportation and cultural cooperation."

Source : Hurriyet

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